¬†When it comes to dandies and space, there is only one. Just finished watching season one of Space Dandy. At first, wasn’t sure where the show was going with its direction or with the episodes. Then after watching episodes four and five, made it a point to continue. Why not see where the series leads […]

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Big Order with small mishaps

At first glance, this looks like a harem series, yet it’s far from it. For its a hero series with some small mishaps. Spent this week watching Big Order. This one left me wondering if the show was trying to be a parody of action shows with an overreaching plot. You know what I am […]

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Bright colors

Well, what do you know, it is September. Summer is coming to a close, the leaves are beginning to change. Looking back over my blog this summer, it’s full of blog posts. Wait, you say there are only five blog posts. What? What do you mean there’s only five? (Panics in a blur of leaves.) […]

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Bullet-Blade Zombie Train!

  Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress surprised me. With an interesting art style, that flows between a modern polished look in the anime. Then going for an older look from the 80′ and 90’s that you’d see in high production pieces. There are also moments where it the character has been drawn, instead of being […]

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Was looking over my anime list ( Incase you are wondering, myanimelist.net is where you can keep track of newer anime and manga that is being relesed.Or older anime and manga as well.) noticing that I had not kept up with 2015 winter. Along with any of the anime that had been released for spring/summer […]

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Sweets and things.

I love how inspiration comes from just about anything. The same thing can be said for motivation. Wondering as to what motivated me to get on with the next post? That would be this. Yup, that magical cooking anime Yumeiro Patisserie. With its dopey and sometimes sugary characters. Mainly thanks to re-watching this. I’ve been […]

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