When it comes to dandies and space, there is only one.


Just finished watching season one of Space Dandy. At first, wasn’t sure where the show was going with its direction or with the episodes. Then after watching episodes four and five, made it a point to continue. Why not see where the series leads to. Yeah, was completely caught off gaurd. Not ready for the beautiful backgrounds, film noir art style, and the many other changes to the writing for episodes. Now the one thing that I will spoil for someone who hasn’t seen the series yet is be prepared for some zany fun. That is what makes up a good chunk of the episodes is the funny moments that come through Dandy. Along with Meow and QT, who also shine in the series. Just not as scene extras either who are just used as props. These two shine as main characters in their own right.


Now how do you have three lead characters in a series and not manage to bumble it? Would have to say, ask the people who helped to write Space Dandy. Actually, this was probably done as a way to give more perspective to the series. They were able to blend the personalities. Dandy is our galactic ladies man, who feels like he is stuck in a loop of his own making. Choosing to take the easy way out of things tend to get him into even more trouble. Though giving any more info on that would spoil the series for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. With Meow, his personality is not only running from work and life. Yet as one who is freeloading and free-spirited at the same time. However, when it comes to QT, he’s the brains and tape of this outfit. With a personality that beams with concern for the crew and being neat. He’s also the sarcastic relief in this. Letting Dandy and Meow know about how badly they dropped the ball with things.


Aside from the group of characters, there’s the series art and direction. The art style for each episode is different and matches to the theme of the episode. Now, what that theme is you’ll need to watch. The overall direction of the series is helmed by Shinichirō Watanabe who is known for directing Cowboy Bebop and Kids On The Slope. Along with a host of other anime over the years. He shares this directing duty with Shingo Natsume for the series. This influence shows in the story and art direction of the series. It will be up to you to figure out which episodes though.

Another feature of the series is the music. It has a wonderful 80’s sound for some of the songs in the series. The ending song captures this wonderfully. Synth pop melodies and swirling choruses. With the opening, I am reminded of space films from the 60’s and 70’s. Though one of my favorites from the series soundtrack is “Pavane For a Dead Princess” by Depapepe. This is a mix of the somberness of classical music with a laid back twist.

With all that Space Dandy offers as a series, its real appeal lies in the visuals used in the series.


So may you have fun with one as I did.

May there be a manga to read and some art to enjoy.

Along with some anime to watch!



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