Big Order with small mishaps

At first glance, this looks like a harem series, yet it’s far from it. For its a hero series with some small mishaps.


Spent this week watching Big Order. This one left me wondering if the show was trying to be a parody of action shows with an overreaching plot. You know what I am talking about right? Major world event leads to major tragedy. Out of said event there is the lead hero or sometimes anti-hero. Who is either trying to make the world better due to having a new power granted to them. Or just finds themselves positioned to change said new world into something.

Though if I tell you which of the above the main character follows then that would give some of the plot away. Then again, one of the problems that plague this show is the plot and sometimes the writing. Granted it doesn’t stop the action scenes from being enjoyable.


Now like this gif, there’s multiple speeds of what is happening in the anime. The GIF is a representation of the different colors and the speeds they move at. Red is a slow moving penta….wait, hexagon. This is you the viewer watching the series, going along with the plot. It is taking a while to pick up speed. With the orange one this is the main character discovering all the subplots that are also happening in the anime. It’s right behind the main plot moving along slowly as well. With the orange rectangle it’s bouncing along while turning upside down in a forward motion. This is how the main character reacts to being involved in the subplots happening in the series. Now there is the green trapezoid bouncing along, this is where you notice the action and personal moments in Big Order move along at a good clip. Besides the fast paced action that happens as the character tries to move in this broken world. There is also the speedy pacing for some of the other characters as well. Their action scenes tend to balance out with main character’s. Then there are times where it slows down with the focus shifting. Which can make it either frustrating or entertaining to watch.

The blue circle is another part of the show. The hero is bouncing along doing what he does. As I don’t want to give away all of what he does. Here the main plot point of what he’ll do and how he attempts to achieve his goals comes into play. Now it does feel somewhat rushed in how he does this. I think the writers of the series wanted to convey the teenage mindset of not quite thinking things through. Then again there is a problem with some shonen series, the is the idea that rushing head first into things is the way to go.

Yet when all is said and done, the elements come together. If you look at the gif that was used as an example. You’ll notice the color boom of how all four colors sync up. Notice how colors create arches, within these arches are the other color arches layered underneath them. This is how I would say the show is structured.

Now with that Big Order completed, time to move on to the next. May there be an anime to watch, a manga to enjoy and art to fill your day.


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