Bright colors

Well, what do you know, it is September. Summer is coming to a close, the leaves are beginning to change. Looking back over my blog this summer, it’s full of blog posts. Wait, you say there are only five blog posts. What? What do you mean there’s only five?

(Panics in a blur of leaves.)

Oh yeah, I’ve been doing some traveling and going out with people. Filling in my hours with stories and barbecue. Spent some time with my husband in Okinawa swimming and enjoying late nights on the beach. I was very surprised by that, by how busy our social life became once the weather became more agreeable. Though I did make it a goal to work on this blog of mine, so now to get back to it.

(Korean barbecue is the stuff of dreams, so tender.)

 The flurry of activities that happened over the summer reminds me of an artist named Miss LED. Her art has the same feel as melting of colors that are moving. She has great color sense and direction as her drawings make me think of bright moments in summer. She’s a talented Illustrator from London, England, illustration and artwork that is featured in multiple galleries and magazines, such as “Der Spiegel”. Much of her work has this touch of photorealism, however as the focus goes away from the center. There are soft quirky designs that shape and wind around on the outside of the illustration.


This one is called “Bittersweet” created for The Print Space Gallery. The swirling words that make up the girls arms is an interesting touch.

(all artwork is owned by Miss LED)


This one is a personal favorite of mine. It’s from her portfolio of random drawings, paintings and tattoo designs from over the years. I love the light pastels and cuteness that is given off at the same time., all while managing to give off a whimsical vibe. The mixing of the darker pastels with the bending curves of the lines adds to the charm. There are two cute side characters above and below Alice, who are adorable as well.

If you find yourself drawn to this artist as I was. Give her website a peek.

Go on, you know that it’s tempting.

Speaking of bold colors. Enjoy the upcoming fall weather with its bright reds, yellows, greens, and browns.



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