Sluggish flow


Looking at the title, you may be wondering about where this post is going. Or perhaps it is not that important to you where its going. More of what is written. Unlike Miyako, giddy in herĀ  joy of rice. I don’t think I can remain oblivious to things. Then again I would be that giddy if given food.

The goal of this blog was to write about the anime, manga and other art related things that excited me on visual level, but on a mental one too. An that is where the sluggish flow comes into being. I’m finding there is loads of artist and media to look at and sort through. Along with various seasons of anime and volumes of manga to read.

I will admit this blog started from a “do all the things!” mentality. It is not healthy when trying to keep a focused perspective. Which is one of the many problems I have when writing. Another one of the problems that I’ve noticed is not enough constancy with the posts. You’d think after enjoying something, the goal would be to blog it all out. About how either said anime, art or manga was (insert adjective here). Instead I would find myself wrestling with what to write and going over the rough draft. Along with feeling like why bother? Who is going to read it? What is the point of using this as a writing exercise?

Well, those are questions that as the writer. I will have to figure out. However the better question is, as the writer of this blog space. What do I do about it?

Well, I’m glad you asked. You know what, totes going to procrastinate with this blog and let it fall apart.

Wait for it. That already happened. I’ve missed my goals for writing and slowly am loosing the enthusiasm that helped get it started. Along with what people mention about turning what you love into a job. It begins to weigh on you and stops being this thing you enjoyed. It turns into a chore.

Again, I find myself back at the question of, what will I do about it? Knowing what needs to be fixed and finding the motivation to fix those things. I’ll have to tackle this in an honest and possibly brutal way. Well not that brutal.

As I finish this post, there is much work ahead of me. Writing that is.



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