Sweets and things.

I love how inspiration comes from just about anything. The same thing can be said for motivation.

Wondering as to what motivated me to get on with the next post? That would be this.

Yume Pastry

Yup, that magical cooking anime Yumeiro Patisserie. With its dopey and sometimes sugary characters. Mainly thanks to re-watching this. I’ve been been able to focus on getting a menu planned and do some baking. It definitely has something to do with the sweets featured on the show. The can do spirit that gets passed around on the show tends to inspire. I find myself being more like the main character in how I am able to be a complete dork/badass  depending on the situation. With that in mind, I have some cookies to bake.

For those of you who are wondering, “Is it worth watching?” Well that is totally up to you. No, this not some life changing or genre bending anime. It is sweet with its hiccups. You’ll want to punch a couple of people in the face for the choices they’ll make as characters. Though that is with any drama. Speaking of that, this show tends to either go full face into it. Or it will sometimes avoid it, to give the characters time to grow.

Which reminds me. What other anime or manga would you recommend to someone who loves good food?  An a good story of course. Don’t forget to leave your answer in the comments.

Till next time.




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